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Muay Thai : The Martial Art of Thailand

As anyone about Thailand and they will immediately visualize thoughts of small bazaars side by side along the modern shopping arcades. They will think about the quaint three wheeler public transport vehicle called tuk-tuk. They will also dream about the statue of the Golden Buddha and the centuries old culture of the citizens of this country. However, there is much more to Thailand than just these things. Muay Thai is a martial art that is based and has been founded in Thailand.

Though there are no clear conceptions about the meaning of the word `Muay Thai’ one can just conclude that it is loosely interpreted as `knotted Thai boxing’. The word `Muay’ has two different meanings in the Thai language and they are `boxing’ & `a knot.’ As far as the term `Thai’ is concerned, it is interpreted by the citizens of Thailand as `from Thailand’ or `of Thailand.’ It is important for those who are not familiar with `Muay Thai’ to know that this martial art that resembles kick boxing is commonly considered to be the national sport of Thailand.

Muay Thai training camp in Thailand

If you are interested to learn more about this marital art or muaythai and learn the sport itself, you should check out the various training centers for the same in Phuket. Though one can find several videos that might help one to learn the art of Muay Thai, it is recommended to those who are unfamiliar with this art of kick boxing, to opt in for learning the rudiments of this art in the presence of skilled instructors. These instructors, who are also known as Ajarn (high level), have themselves fought with other leading fighters of Thailand and have many years of experience of teaching Muai Thai.

muaythai thailand muaythai training muaythai camp

These training centers ( muay thai camp or thai boxing gym ) will help you to learn more about the various forms of combat used in this Thai style of kick boxing and this includes the fundamentals of fighting techniques like defense, offence, combinations along with body conditioning and ring fitness. While undertaking these courses you will also come to know that the matches of Muay Thai consist of five rounds of intense and totally attack oriented fighting. In the training camp you will also learn about the different types of techniques that are employed in Muay Thai like elbow and/or knee strikes and how to integrate them into Thai boxing combinations that will assist you to enhance your accuracy, power, and speed.

An average day at the training camp consists of ten or more rounds of fighting in the presence of a skilled instructor and approximately eight to ten rounds on training stations and bags. The training sessions generally last four to six hours per day and cover all the aspects of Muay Thai. Apart from learning the skills of Muay Thai, you also have the benefit of toning up your body and enhancing your general fitness levels. Apart from kick boxing, the camps also impart training in weight lifting and Yoga. These too help to increase the overall fitness level of the student.

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the famous sport . Because today many fighters in MMA or UFC use muay thai techniques . However Muay Thai is good sport to improve fitness , so many fitness gym have the course to teach basic muay thai . Because muay thai help to lose weight . If you love your health , you can lose weight with muay thai .

I provide information of training muay thai or Thai boxing in Phuket or Thailand .

Muay Thai News :
   Muay Thai forces you to expect the unexpected :2012-05
   In Thailand there's a powerful reality in the old adage "expect the unexpected." No more so than in Muay Thai where what seems certain ain't necessarily so.
   Sam-A, left, is rocked by a elbow strike during his bout with Penake Sitnoumnoi. PHOTO: ROB COX
   Take the recent main event between the almost impeccable boxer Sam-A Kayang 5 Dao and his opponent Penake Sitnoumnoi, who in their last match-up was knocked out by Sam-A with a crunching elbow strike.

  MMA knocked out by Muay Thai and Olympics :2012-04
   Last month, the Sports Authority of Thailand made what seemed to be an out of the blue decision to ban mixed martial arts, or MMA, in Thailand.
   Far from protecting our national sport, the ban on MMA is choking the potential for Muay Thai’s international growth.
   All professional MMA matches and tournaments were deemed unlawful under the 1999 Boxing Act.

  Buakaw's participation in Thai Fight illegal : 2012-04
   Muay Thai star Buakaw Por Pramuk from K-1 admitted yesterday that his participation in last week's Thai Fight was unlawful.
   Buakaw Por Pramuk, right, in action against Rustem Zaripov in last week’s Thai Fight.
   Following a rift between Buakaw and the Por Pramuk camp, the 29-year-old fighter took part in the Pattaya event without weighing in.

   Kaimukkaow Watcharachai muay thai gym looking dangerous : 2012-07
   The new Rajadamnern and WBC Muay Thai world championship on last Thursday .

   Kingtong muay thai program on Wednesday, September 26 at Radjanumneon muay thai stadium : 2012-09-18
   Bangju said about Eakmongkong this as the perfect preparation for the fighter in the camp if they do not fit perfectly, it never really allowed to fight decisively. For the orbit to meet with Panomrung , Bangju believe that our workmanship is second to the weight gain more than 23 pounds (117 to 119 pounds) to a variable success.

I have just put the photos of Phuket island for any muay thai student .

Lasted Edit :
Sia Nao has confirmed to quit from being the promoter surely
Ongree has trained himself
For Suek One Mit Chai as the small match
Arsira Taochareonchai has revealed that there are the lists of Suek Max Muai Thai
Phetrungreang muay thai camp is happy to fight in Fukthiangroup muay thai tournament
Sia Mee want to make the OmNoi Thai boxing stadium to be accept in Thailand

2015-11-22 : Muay Thai training camps are special facilities where people take organized classes in this discipline. The classes have the same basic structure, but the details are changed depending on the personal fitness goals you have. Some people want to get rid of their extra pounds and fat while others just want to tone their body.
Lasted News : Muay Thai activity : Kumarnthong Chitmuengnon fighting with Tawanchai P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim .

Last Update : December 29th , 2016

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