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Sankeng has good plan to overcome “Tuan” : 2012-09

Sankeng , muay thai kela sport , has faced with significant lesson of muay thai fight again when he will be compared and faced with Tuan K. Kampanart at channel 7 muay thai stadium on this Sunday of 30th September ; the wealthy Kam Chan Chaokamkat has accepted to be nervous , but he has to fight because of the goal destination. However, because of the strong and powerful enemy , he has to prepare for the miracle plan to overcome the enermy and prove for himself. After he had won the goal continuously, he becomes to be another muay thai superstar of channel 7. Moreover, in this Sunday of  30th September  Sankeng , kela sport of Mr. hang Kamchan Chaokamkat , has to face with another significant fight lesson when D.P.R. motor Chunkertphet has to face with Tuan K. Kampanart who has been weighted for 119 pond. Besides, Mr. Hang Kamchun had said that “the more I win of muay thai , the more I faced with the strong enemies normally and how I won Singdam represents that I had passed the good level of competing in one level” Then, this time I have to face with the stronger muay thai enemy which is the common way if I would like to have a good name , I have to face with the extraordinary enermy. After that, he accepted that Mr. Tuan K. Kampanart is so strong and powerful. Recently, he had lose Rutkat although he had fought hardly ; however, he had defeated him and been tired. However, his teamwork has prepared for the plan to fight , especially for elbows which are the outstanding point of us. Then, he has to prove for himself ; the wealthy Kamchan has revealed information.