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Mit not worry loss, 2 million budget on his muay thai fight  : 2012-09-25

"Mit Nakorn" Sumet Susattabongkoch pay large amount to open a Muay Thai match and do not worry about loss. He reveals Mitchai" match on 4th October is not less than 2 million baht. Lastest, He was grateful about the response from the Muay Thai fans who want to watch this match "Somrak - Wanpadet", is more than expect.


A match between Somrak Kamsink (or Pimarailek Sitaran) with Yodwanpadet Suwanwijit (or Wanpadet Sakkrumai) that Mitnakorn (or Sumet Susattabongkoch) paid a bet 4 million bath. Now, Muay Thai fans talking about this Muay Thai match. "The response of these Muay Thai boxers are better than expected. The fact that everyone want to watch, make me feel proud and encouraged to open a good match for them on 4th October. We have invested enormous especially the performing fee of two boxer are 2 million bath and not count the rent field, advertising expense, public relations etc. But I did not expect a profit or loss, I want Muay Thai fans are happy. I believe boxing fans everywhere will flock to a Muay Thai ring on 4th October. Boxer fans can encouraged  them on that day. The match between the Somrak and Yodwanpadet is real match and real bet. Now, two boxers have summer vacation for train and prepare them self and I paid the performing fee of each one boxer 1.5 million bath." Mit said in the end.

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