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“Phetphanom” has grasped the bronze with “Phonluang” @ 2012-10-23

Phetphanom Meenayothin has the program to grasp the bronze of 11th Madang round in Suek Chao Muai Thai broadcast program on this Saturday of 13th of October at Oomnoy with the good pair to fight with Phonluang Suwit muay thai training camp , Thailand of 122 ponds. Moreover, Mr. Heng Sakchaisit , the head of boxer, has assured that Phetphanom might not make the muay thai fanclub to be disappointed for sure. Besides, for other pair of muay thai fighters there are complete pairs of boxer , such as Famongkol fighting with Kherngkhrai , Singdam fighting with Rungphet , Nuttapol fighting with Phet Taksin , etc.
Besides, there will be the fight of 11th Madang Muai round to grasp the bronze in Suek Chao Muai Thai broadcast program on this Saturday of 13th October at Muay Siam Oomnoi broadcasted on channel 3 from 12.15 A.M. In addition to, recently the teamwork of Suek Chao Muai Thai broadcast program has cleared the pair of boxer for Mr. Phetphanom Meenayothin already to fight with Mr. Phonluang Suwit muay thai gym who train at Phuket island.
Therefore, Mr. Heng Sakchaisit , the head of boxer, said that “When the committees see that this pair of boxer is suitable for each other. Then, on behalf of I am the head of boxer I don’t deny of this match because he can fight with any boxer. On the other hand, he assured that Phetphanom might cause the fanclub muay thai to be disappointed for sure. However, the winning or lost is another story , but when he has to fight , he should fight with his full capacity”
On the other hand, there are other pair of boxers , such as Famongkol Phetsuphaphan muay thai camp fight with Kherngkhrai muay thai training gym , Singdam fighting with Rungphet Kaiyanghadow , Nuttapol Kertaworn fighting with Phet Taksin S. Sommai muay thai training camp , Phanmongkol Phetsuphaphan fight with Samleekgen Kowityim and Sangatit P. Wichernchai fight with Mr. Learmphet S. Thabthimthang for the final match.
Today Phonlung is training for next fight in the muay thai champion belt .
Every muay thai fighters want to fight at Oomnoy stadium becuase it is the famous muay thai in TV in Thailand .
The muay thai fighters are the good sportman , becuase everyone must train muay thai in everyday.
Muay thai is an ancient martial fighting art, owns wonderful history and valued for its legacy. Muay thai a national sport of Thailand have many difference of opinion among people.
Phonluang have the good left kicking because in his camp teach him only the kicking techniques . Only one good kick make him to win because the kick of muay thai is heavy .

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