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Who will be the Muay Thai Champion between Nong Beer and Nangen ? @ 2012-11-15

Sia Bu of Phetchaboon province has challenged to prove the performance of all couple muay thai fighters in Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee on this saturday ; moreover, he can guarantee for the funniness of every couple muay thai fighters ,especially for Nong beer and Nangen who are hardly to predict of the actual champion in this match because both of them have their different strategies.

Besides, on this saturday of 10th November A.D. 2012 there will be the fight of Suek Muay Thai Lumphinee. Then, Sia Bu Phetchaboon province said that for this match he had placed all of 4 outstanding lists of couple muay thai fighters in this broadcast program that are hardly to predict who will be the champion. In addition to, for the second couple muay thai fighter of Nong beer in Chonburi province fighting with Nangen or the son of the river in 101 ponds they are all the new stars and have their own talents , so he has guaranteed that for this match it will be fun absolutely.

Sia Bu said that "on this saturday it might be fun , especially for Nong beer fighting with Nangen who is one of all couple muay thai fighters that hardly to predict the real champion because they are all have their fresh form and different talents with the good future. Besides, Nongbeer has good potential while Nangen has the strong knees. Then, we can't be certainly to cheer up with any muay thai fighter between them because they have their different strategies.

In overall, there will have the master couple muay thai fighter named Phetsuphapan Ph. Niphaporn fighting with Yodthawee Phuitanudang in 130 ponds and the second couple muay thai fighter named Nongbeer in Chonburi province fighting with Nangen or the son of river in 101 ponds , Sansananchai Sit A. Boonchob fighting with Samleengen Kowityim in 109 ponds and Yodphet Sitboonmee fighting with Yodphatapee A. Sirilak in 105 - 107 ponds.

Who is the muay thai champion between Nongbeer and Nanagen ? Because they are from the good muay thai training camps in Thailand .

One of the famous muay thai camp in Chonburi province is Nongbeer muay thai camp . Because Thai people know Nongbeer .

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