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Cut "Susu" out from Punsuea muay thai tournament @ 2012-11-29

A tournament board cut Susu Jadeng who loses in 4 rounds in Muay Thai Lumpini war on 10 November 2012 before the opening of a tournament. He lack of quality of muay thai boxer because he defeated outright. The board think he don't have good muay thai training . After a news about ballot a muay thai boxer around the country for join the tournament spread around, it make muay thai fans interest this Punsuea tournament 13th very much. The ballot is end and they ready have a fight schedule. Some muay thai boxer is lucky and some is unlucky from the ballot. It depends on his destiny. Becuase every muay thai camps in Thailand want to fight in this tournament  .

A tournament is not open but a muay thai board decide to cut Susu Jadeng who enter a finalists selected and will fight on 9 December 2012 with Rungpeych Petchjareun out from this tournament. Because of Susu lose in the fight on Muay Thai Lumpini Greggrai war with Abbas Luksuan in the 4 rounds and not have enough time for training. This even make a trouble for Punsuea muay thai gym about Susu lose his chance by himself and defeated outright. A tournament board cut Susu because he lack of quality of muay thai boxer from this tournament already. They will permit understudy muay thai boxer to fight instead Susu so I want a public and the head of the boxing gym who sent a muay thai boxer in this competition to know all process. In the first round, if some muay thai boxer not has a good form, be damaged, knockdown or TKO knockdown, a tournament board may consider cutting him out. I want a public, the head of the muay thai camp and muay thai fans know and understand. This muay thai tournament want only the good fighters from good muay thai camps . So the muay thai boxers must show the good of fighting .

Punsuea muay thai tournament is the famous muay thai program in Thailand . So many muay thai camps are happy about the news of Susu and they wait to fight in this program .
Lumpini muay thai stadium is the dream for many muay thai training camps . But it is for the high level of fighters .
Every muay thai boxers are training in everyday . The training program is about 5 hours a day , so they will be ready to fight in muay thai tournament .
Many people in Thailand think Susu is a good muay thai fighter . He must fight at this muay thai tournament .

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