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Fight of Phunsia Round 13 should be exciting @ 2012-12-08

Suek Muai of Phunsia round 13 will be open on this sunday of 2nd December A.D. 2012 in Suek Muai Thai Ched See broadcast program by beginning with the best selection of the couple boxer. Then, the teamwork of the boss has been confident that this match will be exciting of course between Nangphichit S. Sakmeechai muay thai training camp fighting with Sarayut Carryboy muay thai training camp that have the similarity of talent without predicting the first winner and they are come from good muay thai camps in Thailand .

Finally, for the Suek Muai of Phunsia round 13 that will open for the broadcast program of Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this sunday of 2nd December A.D. 2012 in Thailand , the teamwork of Phunsia round had brought the selected couple boxer from drawing lots to meet each other. Besides, it will begin with the master couple boxer to meet each other as the first match on this sunday between Nueng Phichit and Sorayut which are both fierce boxers with strong punches. Besides, the countryside of muay thai fanclub must know of their names well and whoever will be the winner for the first person , we should follow the news. On the other hand, for every Muai of Phunsia round , all of the muay thai fanclub must been interested in all the times because most of the boxers in this match always fight exciting in every match. Besides, as for another couple boxer between Yodkitsada Luaknia Phatapee to fight with Fakhamram Phrasartwittayakarn , it will be another exciting couple boxer for the muay thai fanclub to watch also.

From video , you can see Nangphichit are training muay thai at his gym . He train every day with his trainer .

Suek Muai of Phunsia have many good muay thai boxers . Every muay thai boxers in Thailand train muay thai as in videos .

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