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"Ik Que Sang" sets the goal to be the representative of "Buakhaew" @ 2012-12-26

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Ik Que Sang K. Rungthanakert dreams to be the champion of Thai Fight and go abroad in order to the number one of Thai muay thai boxer instead of Bua Khaew by waiting times for 3 years to make the dream come true.

Although Ik Que Sang K. Rungthanakert muay thai training camp doesn't have the program to fight certainly, he has been in the option of Suek Thai Fight already with his strategies to be remembered by defeating Italian muay thai boxer named Simone Chelshini and creating the good memory for the muay thai fanclub to fight at the temporary muay thai stadium of Korat Chadchai at Nokornrachasrima. Furthermore, he is confident that he may make the dream come true by fighting as the great muay thai boxer instead of Buakhaew. However many muay thai camps want to fight in Thai Fight .

Ik Que Sang said additionally that "I am glad that the muay thai fanclub throughout our country are favored of my muay thai style . Then, I would like to make my dream come true by setting up the goal for 3 years to be the champion of Thai Fight program and being the number 1 muay thai boxer of Thailand instead of P'Buakhaew Ph. Phramook muay thai camp who begins to have more ages in the future effecting to his body. Then, I would like to propose myself to be considered and make my dream come true."

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