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"Nao" guarantee that one of this couple muay thai boxer will be counted and knocked @ 2013-01-08

"Sia Nao" or Wirat Wachirarattanawong is confident that one of this couple muay thai boxer, namely his beloved boxer or new xyindee or another boxer or Ploysiam Phetyindeeacademy might be counted or knocked for sure. Then, he proved the muay thai fanclub that this couple boxer might fight with funniness and they will be the master couple of Suek Phetyindee to celebrate for New Year day broadcasted on this Friday of 4th January 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand .

Sia Nao said that "this couple boxer becomes the hot one and the great of all small boxers in this age. Besides, for my beloved boxer or New Xyindee he has the strong fist and recently he had fought in the international muay thai stadium. However, for this fight he has come back to fight for the Thai boxing again by meeting Ploysiam Phetyindeeacademy or the original name of him called Tee US K. Ratchada muay thai training camp who has a lot of experiences and is in the small size also. Then, it will be the meeting correctly with couple and time. Moreover, I am certain that one of them might be counted and knocked for sure and for my beloved boxer or New he has the strong fist until having chance to fight in the international style and he always be the winner since then. However, Ploysiam is the great muay tha boxer also because he has more experiences and good strategy to fight as well. In addition to, recently he has trained in Phetyindee muay thai camp which makes him has the better form with good training . Then, for this game it might be funny of course , so the muay thai fanclub should cheer up them and prove that one of them might be counted and knocked or not"

On the other hand, for other couple boxers there are Phetbunchu F.A. Group muay thai training camp fighting with Yodwicha Ph. Bunsit in 132 pounds , Sanchai P.K. fighting with Singdam Kertmu in 132-132 pounds, Sam A of 5 stars of chicken fighting with Phetphanomrung W. Sangphraphai in 124-126 pounds , Superlek W. Sangphraphai fighting with Wanchalong Sitsonong in 115 pounds , Thong Phuideenaidee fighting with Chengphalangtip N. Sripheng in 122-124 pounds , Saksuriya of 5 stars chicken fighting with Pornmonkol K.T. Yim in 123 pounds , Kotee Phetyindeeacademy fighting with Saknarint Sitsoung in 111 pounds , Ploywittaya Rochsurat fighting with Sangthong S. Suradate and Khunharn Sitthongsak fighting with Krengkrai Phathongcharernyon in 100 pounds.

Everyone wait the muay thai program from Sia Nao . Because the muay thai boxers are the best muay thai camps in Thailand such as Bunsit muay thai training camp .

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