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"Wittaya" is glad to be the outstanding the best muay thai camp in Thailand of the year @ 2013-01-22

Wittaya Phetsimien is glad that his countryside muay thai camp or Phetsimien had been judged from the reporter 19 to be the outstanding muay thai camp of the year. Then, he hopes to create the quality work continually in order to be trusted and honest by the muay thai fan club. Although it is the small muay thai training camp from countryside of Thungsung in Nakornsrithammarat provice , the performance work of Phetsimien muay thai training camp or Wittaya Phetsimien is special and makes the good name of the muay thai circle continually. Besides, there are Yokwittaya Phetsimien muay thai camp or the white shark , Chareantrab Kertchalermpob or Maphenglek , Maphengnoi or Ch. Rochsurang , Ploywittaya Ch. Rochsurang , Morakot Khomsaimai , Denlan Kertwisut , Chansuek Kongsak , Sakkhongkamrai and others to make the good name of this muay thai camp until receiving the prize of the outstanding the best muay thai camp of the year in Thailand. In addition to, the club friend of reporter 19 had made Wittaya to be glad and appreciated. Then, he had informed this news to the reporter of Muai Siam by himself about this success. Wittaya said that "I would like to thank for the club friend of reporter 19 to see the value of my small countryside muay thai camp. Moreover, I am glad to receive for this prize because there are several of muay thai camp throughout the country. Then, I would like to confirm that we will make the good performance work and credit as well as the good quality to work continually in order to be credible of every muay thai fan club and we will work with our honesty also."

Change the new calendar , channel 7 would like to gain new thing.

When change to the new calendar , the official of channel 7 's muay thai stadium in Thailand is strict about checking with the evident book of each muay thai boxer and ID car much more. Then, if any boxer doesn't have each of this evidence , he might not have the chance to fight at that day for sure. Moreover, there will be the official from Bangkok to check these evidences in every mornings on the day that has the competition. In addition to, channel 7 is the muay thai boxing program that has the most people to watch at most and more than every channels in Thailand including to be the first range of all. Then, there was the election of the new official of the muay thai stadium or Mr. Somyot Arunmart who has been involved with the adminstration in every parts by increasing the better standard than the past competition no matter of the discipline or working system. Besides, it will begin to check since this sunday of 13rd January 2013. Thus, the boxers who will fight on the muay thai stadium of Channel 7 should bring their ID card and evident book to themselves in order to have chance to fight. However, if they break the rule , they can't fight in any round. On the other hand, if they bring the evident book without ID card , they will have chance to fight without paying money. However, they will receive money after they have showed their ID card already and no one can receive money replacing of them. Then, they should inform this news to every head of the muay thai camps to take care of this subject also without neglect the importance and participation.

There are many muay thai camps want to fight at channel 7 muay thai stadium in Thailand . The Suwit muay thai is one of the camps from Thailand often fight in channel 7 in every month .
Wittaya Phetsimien want to send his muay thai boxers from his camp to fight at channel 7 's muay thai stadium . But today no boxers from Phetsimien muay thai training camp is training to fight .
Phetsimien muay thai training camp is the best camp of year by muay thai fan club in Thailand . Although the other muay thai camps have history . But Phetsimien camp have many muay thai boxers who train and live in the camp .
Many muay thai camps want to be the best camp of the year. But it is easy to vote the Phetsimien muay thai training camp . The good result of their fight are bring them to be the number one in this year .
Ploywittaya Ch. Rochsurang have the match in soon so he is training . Because he is one famous muay thai from Phetsimien muay thai camp .

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