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Palangtip is a strongest @ 2013-01-28

Mr. Pu reveals Palangtip N.Sripueng muay thai camp have a training fight with a bigger muay thai boxer, Aranchai T.Pran 26 so he has a strong body for meet Tong Puidee. Pu is not worry although Palangtip used to loss but this match he will revenge. In Petchyindee war for welcome a Snake Year on Friday 4 January at Lumpini stadium in Thailand , These are many fights of Petchbunchu F.A.group muaythai training camp meet Yodwicha P.Bunsit, Sandchai P.K.Sangchai Muay Thai Gym meet Singdam Kiatmu 9, Samae Five Stars Chicken meet Panomrung W.Sangprapai and the return battle of Tong Puidee with Palangtip N.Sripueng are surge an interest from muay thai fans. Latest, a "Muay Siam Daily" journalist has been declared by Mr. Pu who take care Palangtip's traning. He said this time Palangtip is training to a bigger boxer, Aranchai T.Pran 26 everyone so his body is very strong for fight Tong, a smart boxer. He is not worry about this fight although Palangtip used to loss but this match he will revenge so muay thai fans should not worry. "My camp is repairing so we go to training at Kiattipattarapan gym of Dendanai. The boxer is ready to fight more than the last time and get more experience. I believe they can make a new statistics for wining. Please support and cheer them." Mr. Pu said while he and Palangtip go to Bangkok at Wednesday afternoon.

Songkom have a skill - win by knockout

A teacher, Tum Sakhobsri muay thai training camp or www.muaythai-thailand.com confirms Songkom Sakhobsri’s condition is perfect ready to fight with Eakmongkol from Chicken Five Star gym in the first round in Wan King Tong War on Wednesday 9 January at Rad Cha Dam Neun stadium in Thailand . Muay thai fans should not worry and confidence to Songkom in this fight. He will not disappoint muay thai fans and have a chance to knockout a rival. In Wan King Tong War on Wednesday 9 January at Rad Cha Dam Neun stadium, a promotor, Wankingtong Lukprabat set a first round is a fight of Songkom Sakhobsri meet Eakmongkol from Chicken Five Star gym. Tum teacher reveals Songkom’s prepare is perfect for fight. I am confident Songkom will win in this fight and have a good chance for knockout a rival by a directly strong punch. "I am take care Songkom very well and his body is perfect for fight with hard training . I am confident Songkom will win in this fight and not disappoint muay thai fans. Everyone can follow and support him. May be he will knockout a rival." Tum teacher said.

Palangtip from N.Sripueng muay thai camp always fight with the bigger muay thai boxer in this last 2 years . Because Palangtip have many muay thai techniques and in Thailand in his weight nobody of boxer from any muay thai camps can fight with him .
Rad Cha Dam Neun stadium in Thailand is for the high skill of muay thai fighters . So it is only professional muay thai camps . Songkom is ready to fight in high level today . However he must train every days .
Songkom want to win Eakmongkol again in muay thai stadium . So the trainers of Sakhobsris muay thai camp train him with the new training program and many hours a day .
Lukprabat muay thai camp was the great camp but today it don't have the famous boxers . So Wankingtong Lukprabat find the other muay thai boxers to fight in his program .
Songkom find the new trainer to teach new techniques of muay thai . However it is difficult for his camp to do it , so today he only more hard training .

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