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Be wondered by the muay thai fan club ; Tang disagrees @ 2013-02-03

Sia Tang had brought the fun couple muay thai boxer between Kangwarnlek Phetyindee muay thai camp to face with Choknamchai Sitchakung muay thai training camp to fight with funniness again. For the recent match that Choknamchai had defeated Kangwarnlek with funniness, it still be wondered by the muay thai fan club that it shouldn’t be like this way. Then , Sia Tang has proved their both talent by letting Choknamchai to protect his championship of 118 pounds of Thailand by fighting as the master couple boxer in Suek Phet Phiya on this Tuesday of 22nd January 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand . Moreover, in this time , the master degree promoter has been confident that it should be funny and be favored of the muay thai fan club for sure. Sia Tang revealed that “several people has seen that Kangwarnlek shouldn’t be lose to Choknamchai because he has showed his form better than him. However, if it is like this way, I have brought them to face with each other again to prove their talent by fighting in 118 pounds only. In addition to, as for other couple boxers, the muay thai fan club should encourage them to fight again because they are all the good boxers as well.” Furthermore, for other muay thai couple boxers from other muay thai camps , there might be Samdee Phetyindeeacademy fighting with Onechai S. Kittisak , Phaetheng Kertponthip fighting with Superball Teemuenglei , Kumarnthong Chitmuengnon camp fighting with Chalay Luakromklao muay thai camp , Phetphrab of 5 stars chicken fighting with Phetphithi F.A Group , Phetnakin Teemuenglei fighting with Thongchai S. Samrean and Rakchai Sitchakorn fighting with Ikqusang S. Olay.

Lamnampong very good in weight defined

Lamnampong (P.Todsaporn) Ta Wan Na Jean muay thai camp will fight in weight 117 pounds with Sornnarai S.Sommai muay thai training camp for grant Sommai Sakulmetta's wish in S.Sommai War on 28 January at Wig Air in Thailand . Sit Paktanang, S.Sommai's assistant staff say Sommai want Lamnampong to fight with Matee S.J.Toi Padrew in T.Chaiwat War on 21 January at Wig Air but they weight is not equal. Matee weight is 116 pounds but Lamnampong weight is 117 pounds so they cannot fight. However, Sommai Sakulmetta set Lamnampong to fight with Sornnarai S.Sommai in the first round of S.Sommai War on 28 January at Wig Air. Other match from many muay thai camps in this fight is include; Saknarin Sorung who come back to a good form muay thai boxer fight with Mangkorntong N.Sripoung camp , Gomeen S.Worachod a new top boxer beat Sangtong S.Suradet, Fahpenhneng K.R.S.Gym meet Petchpusang Tanasak Transport, Wansodsai Sit J. meet Sandsakchai O.Kwanmeoung, Ploypaitun K.Romsritong gamble 2 million baht with Lukson Chaymeenbury muay thai camp and Fahluang Suwit Gym , www.muaythai-thailand.com , fight in the first round with Petchsila C.Kaw Yu Ha Ezuzu.

Because P.Todsaporn don't have strong training program as the past time . So almost of the muay thai boxers train with other muay thai camps . For example Lamnampong have moved to train at Ta Wan Na Jean muay thai camp .
Lamnampong is ready to fight on the weight 116-118 pounds . The last match he fight at 115 pounds , although he have the good training in his camp he lose because he lose too many weight and he don't have the rest of energy to kick .

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