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"Chongsanan" is ready to fight @ 2013-02-08

Chongsanan Jabaokongsueb muay thai training camp has come back to create the top form continually in several fights by kneeing and defeating Sek S. Kitchai with funniness. Moreover, his senior or Jabaokongsueb said that now Chongsanan isn’t afraid of anyone , so anyone who are brave to fight with him can choose him to fight in Suek Atsawindam also. Chongsanan Jabaokongsueb muay thai training camp or the new star of Phuket province is coming back to be hot and create the good form again. Moreover, recently he faced with Pruksake S. Kitthichai muay thai camp and he could defeat him by kneeing and be impressed by the muay thai fan club throughout Thailand. In addition, Jabaokongsueb satisfied in his form and his senior or Jabaokongsueb is glad that his junior could create the beautiful form. Then, in the next round his senior has recommended to the teamwork of Suek Atsawindam that his junior can fight with anyone in the same weight and he won't escape anyone for sure. In addition, his senior is confident that Chongsanan can fight with anyone by overcoming him easily also. Jabao said that "Chongsanan's body is ready to fight and he has the better form by overcoming his couple continually. Then, he can fight with anyone. Moreover, even Pruksake that thought to be overcome difficultly , Chongsanan could overcome him easily. Then, anyone can fight with him of course without afraid."

Phet or Phetthawee is grasping to be entered

Phet GL Suit or Phetthaweesak Kertchareanchai muay thai camp is grasping to be entered in the next round of CP Freshmart for line B. Moreover, the winner will face with Kaewkangwarn S. Sanguanchai muay thai training camp in the next round further. It will funnier until the last match for the boxing in CP Freshmart round for line A and line B. Moreover, for line A there is Kaewkangwarn who has won for 3 times continually to face with line B or the winner between Phet GL Suit fighting with Phetthaweesak Kertchareanchai that will fight on this Saturday of 26th January 2013 as the last match of this round. In addition, there is Orono Y. Yong 101 muay thai camp who is cut from the round already. Then, for line B there are left Yodphet W. Sangphraphai who has win for 2 times and get 4 points. Besides, for the last match that Yodphet hasn’t fought with Orono , he will get the increased points automatically. However, he might face with Kongnapha Srimongkol or the second honor of line A after overcoming Sangthongnoi Thanasuranakorn and makes him have equal points with three boxers of three muay thai camps by muaythai-thailand.com that are Nawapon Sitphuphanthu camp , Sangthongnoi Thanasuranakorn and Kongnapha Srimongkol muay thai camp. Furthermore, they had been drawed a lots on the last Saturday which finally Kongnapha can enter to fight with him.

Three muay thai camps are in the next round of CP Freshmart tournament . Alomst of muay thai fans in Thailand think Nawapon Sitphuphanthu camp have the best chance to win in final round .Because his camp is the strong fitness .
Chongsanan wait the next fight in Thailand . Today he train muay thai at Jbaokongsueb muay thai training camp because he have trained here from 10 year olds and the camp take care him very well .
The CP Freshmart muay thai tournament in Thailand is very successful . Because all fighters show the good performance of their training . Many muay thai fans want to watch Chongsanan Jabaokongsueb muay thai camp .
Kertchareanchai muay thai camp is more famous than last year . Because the camp does not have only a few boxer . Today Thai people also wait to watch Phetthaweesak .

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