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Thailand muay thai boxer is a champion @ 2013-02-28

Pit Kaiseng reveals Nat-Voi Windy Sport, a manager is very happy about Satangmouenglek Windy Sport muay thai training camp get a 105 pounds champion's belt by win Newlukrak Eaksindycongym in Petch Yin Dee War 3rd rounds at LumPiNi Stadium in Thailand . Now, they did not define the day to celebration champion. Petch Yin Dee staffs will support him to get 105 pounds champion at LumPiNi.

Pit Kaiseng, a staff of Windy Sport muay thai training camp open his mind after Satangmouenglek get a 105 pounds champions’ belt by win Newlukrak Eaksindycongym in Petch Yin Dee War 3th rounds on Friday 8 February at LumPiNi Stadium. He said Nat-Voi Windy Sport, a manager is very happy that Satangmouenglek become a champion by knock Newlukrak Eaksindycongym in 3th rounds. Satangmouenglek is not losing in many fights but he does not know his manager will held a party for him.

In addition, he also said Mr.Nao agreed to order Satangmouenglek compete for the championship and he can be a Thailand boxing champion but he do not said about LumPiNi Champion. Mr.Nao use to say if Satangmouenglek become a Thailand muay thai champion, he will support him to compete for 105 pounds championship in recently because Satangmouenglek's rank in LumPiNi Stadium is second place.

"Samdee" do not care muay thai champian

To prevent rumor and announce Samdee is a real muay thai champion or not, Boat willing to send Samdee defend the championship with challenger in every fight.

Boat, Natdet Washirattanawong, a Petchwiset War promoter at RadChaDamNoen muay thai Stadium or a Petchyindee big camp of Academy Thai Gym open his mind after a boxer in Mr.Bu's Gym, Samdee fight to keep his 108 pounds champion at LumPiNi Stadium with Chaisiri Sakniranrad camp, a new vice champion 9th in Petchsupan Program on 19 February at LumPiNi Stadium.

We know a fact if we have a champion boxer in their gym, we cannot undeniable the different fight otherwise muay thai fans must think our boxer is not good. To prevent this problem, we willing a same champion who wants to compete for the championship attended the fight. Samdee is ready to fight for save his championship belt. Everyone are not afraid because we want Samdee fight with all different boxer for show muay thai fans to know how great is boxer in our gym.

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