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Lumnumpong VS Ponlakrit @ 2013-03-05

The fans is exciting to see the name of Lumnumpong Chitpakdee, the warlord of fist, from Wansongchai championship against Ponlakrit Kumpanart muay thai camp, the warlord under Kietphet champnionship at Lumpini champnionship Kirk Krai to boost up the excitement.

Chun Kietphet, who assigned to organize the event by muay thai camps review , presented the poll of Lumpini champnionship Kirk Krai on 8 March, 2013. After the last pair of boxers was announced, it attracted a lot of attention from the fans because they have Yodvicha Boonsit muay thai training camp who will battle with Phetboonchu F.A Group under lightweight (135 pounds) championship. The most attractive pair from this championship will be Lumnumpong from Wangsongchai championship with Ponlakrit Kumpanart muay thai camp from Kietphet championship. As everyone knows that these two boxers barely have a battle, so it attracts many fans. There are some reports said that the reason that these two boxers can finally have a fight is because Jean Tawanna, Lumnumpong's boss and 13 Coins staff wanted to bring the eager and excitement to the muay thai staduim again. That is why they would like to bring Lumnumpong to fight with Polakrit.

Built Up "The Magical" "Boat"

"Boat" Natdech Wichirarattnawong prepared to create new boxers "The magical kids" to be the superstar boxers. "Boat" Natdech Wichirarattnawong, Phetviset promoter at Ratchadumnern muay thai stadium of  www.muaythai-thailand.com , who is successful from organizing the championships on 7 February, 2013. Lately, he posted a status on his Facebook stating that there will be a new championship on 13 March, 2013 in for last Phetviset championship. After this, he will prove everyone that he can create the new superstars to the boxing world. The name lists of the magical kids are Satarn meunglek Windysport, Ploysiam Phetyindee Academy, Paetang Kietpolthip muay thai training camp , New Lookruk exzindicon Gym, Yodkoonsuk Suchart Camp, Phetsila, Thammarangsri, Superball Tee Meung Loei, Kumarntong Chitmeungnon, Phetmeungchon Ekbangtai, Tanootong Chokkritchai, Janesuk Sakkongkumrai muay thai camp, Wanpichit Meenayotin, and Tukatatong Toipadrew. Also, Boat said that he has 2,063 fans on his fan page in Facebook and that they can be good helpers for Phetviset championship.

Yodkoonsuk Suchart Camp is new star of muay thai in 2013 . Mr. Suchart always control the training course by himself .
Usually it is impossible to watch the fight between Lumnumpong and Ponlakrit . Because both are fight in different muay thai stadiums . So muay thai fans are happy to want this match .
Lumpini championship Kirk Krai program is the famous fighting in Thailand . Because all of fighters are come form good muay thai camps and hard training program.
The trainer from Lumnumpong 's muay thai camp said he are training in every days . So he think Ponlakrit will be knock out .

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