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"Samat" will perform in which way if Sia Song hands in 500,000 baht when he has joined in the game. @ 2013-03-21

"Big song" or Thongchai Rattanasuban has made the investment for at least 500,000 baht if Phayakarun or the former excellent Thai boxer and the former great World champion can return into fighting again in order to make the boxing circle to be more interesting. However, for Phayakarun will face with whom , it should be suitable and fight with funniness to be favored of the muay thai fans. Besides, if Phayakarun has agreed in this proposal , he can tell him to be made in the list instantly.

On the other hand, nowadays the trend of historical boxer is outstanding and most of the old boxers who come to fight in the stage again can show their performance excellently and be favored of the muay thai fans much although they are almost 30 or 40 years old now , such as Somrak Khamsing muay thai training camp who has the good name. Besides, it can get the ticket price in the expensive way for 3 or 4 million baht for each match as same as Chareantrab Kertbanchong muay thai camp and Nueng Ubon Sitlertchai Roachnarong or Daewpadreaw.

Lately, on last monday of 11st March in 2013 muay thai Promoter Mahachon or Thongchai Rattanasuban had phoned to the editor of Muai Siam and revealed that he would like to invite the old boxer to join in this program too and he will select the greatest one or the former excellent boxer for the last 20 years ago or Phayaarun to fight in this match because he is one of all great historical boxer which had been the champion in several fights. Moreover, after he had quitted from Thai boxing , he has turned into the occupation international boxer. In addition , he had been the world champion of WBC also in 122 pounds. Then, after he quit from this circle , he returns to be the handsome leader actor of movie and dramas also. Then, his history seems to be interesting much.

Thus, Big Song said that "on this 14th March in 2013 , Samat Phayakarun will be invited to fight in Suek One Thongchai and I will talk with him formally again. Besides, if he is interested in joining in this muay thai program , I will give money for him at least 500,000 baht. However, Somrak Khamsing muay thai training camp has gained only 300,000 baht only. On the other hand, for Phayakarun , I will choose his most suitable couple boxer for him which make the muay thai fans to be exciting. Then, I believe that if he comes back to fight in this program or the standard one or Rachadamnern muay thai stadium , it will be one of all great historical fights that make all of muay thai fans to come for cheer up this couple boxer absolutely. Then, if Phayakarun has agreed in this proposal , I will make Phayakarun in the list instantly."

Many muay thai camps from in the world or Thailand from and Suwit muay thai want Samat to teach their boxer . But today he want to train himself to be strong and he will return to fight again .

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