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Three months get 3 muay thai champions in Thailand. @ 2013-04-01

In the past, every experts in the muay thai circle all accepted that in the period of time that Cha Tui or Sangmorakot or second lieutenant Atphong Amanon had appointed into the promoter , Sangmorakot muay thai trianing camp were full of all well-known boxers to fight. However, now there are many of situations that make Ja Tui feel down because there are several boxers who lack of good supporting. Then, there are Cha Ya Sangmorakot muay thai training camp and Cha Pae Sangmorakot to join with us for support them also. Besides, now Ja Tui has to work with some boxers of this boxing camp in the international matches in order to spread out Thai boxer name to foreign countries. Thus, how to train the left ones has to be the duty of Cha Pae Sangmorakot who has to come for take care of them much more. However, for the last three months , there still had the boxers in this muay thai camp who grasped for the champion for 1 person a month since the last 19 of January in 2013. Moreover, the winner is beginning with Angor Sanphalangchai camp who won Nadate T. Laksong in 108 pounds at Om Noi muay thai stadium on last 19th January in 2013 followed by , Yodphada Kertbanchong who won Nichao Suwit muay thai gym in 105 pounds on last 16th February in 2013 at Om Noi muay thai stadium and Wisanlek Setransdiscovery who won Chatchainoi Sorchor Toipadrew in 118 pounds on last 23rd March in 2013. As the result, there are several of all boxers in this muay thai camp who have their good performance.

Ja Pae revealed that "Although whoever will view that Sangmorakot muay thai training camp is still down , we don't blame him or her. However, we would like him or her to see our works also because our boxers in the boxing camp can create the good performance. Besides, even for Yodwicha who trained with us can perform well , but we never cite him to create our good name. On the other hand, we would like our boxing camp to set the good standard for make the muay thai fans to be accepted. However, everyone should see our performance because for 3 months getting 3 champions is not the easy task for every boxing camps and we never boast beyond the fact."

Cha Tui have just refused to rematch the fight between Yodphada and Nichao . Because today Nichao have return to train at Suwit muay thai camp , muaythai-thailand.com , so he will be more strong .
Sangmorakot muay thai camp have many boxer to train with them . Becuase there are many professional trainers such as Cha pae who have worked in many year to teach muay thai .
Last year Cha Tui did not happy about his muay thai camp . Because he have many problem with the boxers , however today Sangmorakot muay thai training camp is succesful in this year by hard training .

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