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"Lamlert" is still hot. @ 2013-04-27

"Lamlert Sitasorapid" or Chao dam or the boxer from Salaya can show his good form with strength by overcoming his couple boxers for several fights. Besides, now he can fight in the big weight by using his good strategy and he is in the hot form also.

Moreover, for the latest fight Lamlert Sitasorapid could fight with "Ploypaitoon S. Sommai muay thai training camp" which he has more advantages than his couple boxer. Then, in 4 round he had used his knee and elbow until overcoming his couple boxer easily without fighting fully in 5 round. In addition, he could show his good performance as the expert in this fight as well.

However, Lamlert had showed his freshness and his strength , so it is believed that no longer than this end of the year , he might become to be the famous one for sure. In addition, now he is still hot , but it should cheer up for him to create the good name for the boxing camp in any way.

"Khwankao" will reborn.

Previously, after "Khwankao" had been the losers in several fights due to facing with the strong ones in big weight , now he might have the high ratios to be the champion by the supporting of promoter Mit Nakorn by facing with "Saksuriya of 5 stars chicken as the master couple boxer in Suek One Mit Chai.

In addition , as seeing from the strength Khwankhao has more advantages than other boxers much ; however, previously he had faced with the big ones and they aren’t the favourite style boxing of him. However, for this fight he has high ratios to be the champion because of his equal talent to his couple boxer.

Then, this couple boxer will be the master one to fight in Suek One Mit Chai broadcasted on this Thursday of 11st April in 2013 at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium. Thus, the muay thai fans should watch for this talent one in Suek One Mit Chai. Furthermore, beyond of this master one , there might be the second ones in Suek for section 3 that Bangphleenoi 96 Pheenang muay thai training camp will face with Faseethong T. Thepsuthin and Sainam S. Suphattra will face with Shopper K. Tapaothong that shouldn't miss for these two matches also.

Last fight Lamlert shown the good muay thai style . Then everyone in Sitasorapid muay thai camp are happy and want to train him again for next fight .

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