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"Panpayak" has the certain aim to fight with any muay thai camps . @ 2013-05-02

Ja Tak gossiped to Angmor and Otea that if Manasak Pinsinchai muay thai training camp from Thailand doesn’t have any boxer to fight , he will send Panpayak Sitjatak to face with him. However, it is depending on the suitable weight to fight only. On the other hand, he is confident that Panpayak can fight with Manasak Pinsinchai muay thai training camp for sure.

Ja Tak revealed that after Panpayak could revenge Sakmongkol 96 Peenang Camp beautifully by using his strength on last Wednesday ,I was so glad that Panpayak could create his good form again. He can fight with many muay thai camps from MuayThai-Thailand.com. Then, for this fight , I am pleasure to let everyone proving the performance of Panpayak. On the other hand, for Manasak Pinsinchai muay thai training camp if he doesn’t have any boxer to fight , I am ready to let Panpayak to face with him. Thus, it has to consult with Angmor and Otea first to open the new chance for Panpayak facing with Manasak. However, Manasak was the champion ,but Panpayak isn’t afraid to face with him if Manasak can bargain weight for him 2-3 pounds. Thus, I am confident in Panpayak because of his good body condition and soul. Then, if he can overcome Manasak , his future will be brighter for sure.

Be the defeated one because of the disadvantage.

Although Pinngen Pangyenooiderm had lost to Muengsee Phumphanmueng muay thai training camp in the last match , it was because he hadn’t been weighted and fought with his couple boxer instantly. Then, for this next match , if he has been weighted , it is assured that Pinngen Pangyenooiderm might get revenge to be the winner in this next program for sure.

Doctor Sutthichai Chokkitchai or the big boss of Chokkitchai muay thai camp revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that "I accepted that Chun Kertphet and the teamwork of channel 7 has brought Pinngen Pangyenooiderm Camp from Phuket to revenge for Meungsee Phumpanmueng again in Muai Thai Chedsee program broadcasted on this 21st April in 2013 in channel 7 after he had lost to Meungsee for once time at Kabee province on last February in 2013. However, Pinngen had lost to Meungsee because he hadn't been weighted and fought with Meungsee instantly. On the other hand, for this fight , he will be weighted in the formal way and I am confident that Pinngen might get revenge for Meungsee of course. On the contrary, I am worried a little bit because Meungsee is the challenge one with good strategy and severe fist. However, I would like the muay thai fans and the camps from Thailand to cheer up Pinngen in order to show his good form also , especially for the previous round."

Many boxers from many camps are fear Panpayak . Because the last match he have shown the good of muay thai . So everyone must have the good stuff to teach them before fight with him .

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