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"Saketthong Phetseemuen muay thai training camp" becomes to be the new star of channel 11 in Thailand . @ 2013-06-07

Wittaya Phetseemean is glad that his boxing camp never be lack of the new star boxers to light up in the boxing circle. Besides, lately , he grasps Sakedthong Phetseemuen muay thai training camp to be the new star of his muay thai camp for channel 11 and he had just knocked Phanpayak in the third round. Thus, he might be the representative of Yokwittaya in the future. Besides, there is the example well-known star senior boxer or Yodwittaya Phetseemuen to be the model of this muay thai camp and his price is nearly 100,000 baht. On the other hand, now there are the crowded of other new star boxers in this boxing camp fully of Nakorn Srithammarat to have the new role in this boxing camp also. For example, Sakedthong Phetseemuen who had kneed and knocked Phanpayak in the third round for the last match beautifully until be the new beloved boxer in Phetseemuen muay thai camp. Therefore , Wittaya Phetseemuen said that "I would like the muay thai fans in Thailand to watch for Sakedthong’s performance or the new star of the boxing camp after overcome Arafad Arawan and knocked Phanpayak although he has more disadvantages than him for 7-4. Then, now he becomes to be the new star of channel 11 and I would like to support him as well as Yokwittaya in order to be the well-known one in the nearly future."

There will be the great show of "Dekwisate suite".

NongBoat or Nattadate Wachirarattanawong revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that he is proud to bring the boxers in Dekwisate Khanongdate suite to prove their performance and he believes that on this 12nd June in 2013 , they might create the disappointment to the muay thai fans for sure.

For Suek Phetwisate broadcasted on this 12nd June 2013 , it has the certain list of boxers already and NongBoat had brought several of well-known boxers in order to let the muay thai fans to cheer in several ways consisting of Ploysiam Phetyindeeacademy to face with Rungnarai Kertmu 9 , Samdee Phetyindeeacademy to face with Onechai Ramboesarn , Superball Teemuenglei to face with Morakot Khomsaimai , Fahsongsang Windysport to face with Baikhan W. Sangthep muay thai training camp , Chaiyo Phetyindeeacademy to face with Phetwsorn P. Onnut , Chaiphet Sitchatoi to face with Onechana Sitsongpheenong muay thai training camp and others.

Then, the setup of this program , NongBoat or the heir of Sia Nao revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that "I am proud much to have the good chance to bring the boxers in Dekwisate Khanongdate suite to fight in this program. Thus, the muay thai fans should cheer up for them with the guarantee of me and follow for their works. Besides, I am proud of them and believe that they might have their good fortune to fight in the future for sure. Thus, anyone can show his good form , I will push up him in the best way. Therefore, they should perform his role well also."

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