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Sorkor Siripong , Thailand , supports " Aekyothin PorSaman muay thai training camp" to be the famous star Thai Boxing . @ 2013-06-27

Sorkor Siri Pong Ratsamee or the president in Nongchok District had handed in to support Aekyothin PorSaman muay thai training campto move into Sorkor Siripong boxing camp for create the good name in boxing circle and he believes that Aekyothin will have his good fortune in fighting because of his young age and his muay thai training is good .

Besides, Bangchu revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that "in the earlier Aekyothin was in PorSaman muay thai training campboxing camp and he has the brother as Aekmongkol of 5 stars chicken deaw gym or the excellent boxer who had lately overcome Yodphanom Orbortor Na Muengphet beautifully in Rachadamnern muay thai stadium on last Monday in Thailand . Moreover, I was the former Thai boxing champion in international boxer which is now being the trainer who have trained several of boxers to be famous. Besides, I have seen that Aekyothin is the new generation boxer who had overcome in 4 fights continuously because of his good performance and good soul with the supporting of Otea Charumeung also. Then, with his good performance , it made the president of Nongchok district had seen his importance by handing in his hand to move Aekyothin to be with the new boxing camp or Sorkor Siripong already."

Bangchu said finally that "I would like the muay thai fans in Thailand to catch the eyes on Aekyothin well , especially for being the brother of Aekmongkol with his young age of 15 years old and his good performance. Then, lately, he had overcome his couple boxer in 110 pounds for 4 Thai boxing matches , so Sorkor Siripong had handed in his hand to support Aekyothin to be with his boxing camp with much money to gain. Then, everyone should give him the encouragement and watch for his good future."

Sorkor Siripong have confirm to Suwit muay thai that today Aekyothin is training at his muay thai camp and will show the good fight .

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