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The new boxers of "Palee KertsakMudor muay thai training camp " is exciting to fight in Bangkok , Thailand . @ 2013-07-22

The new boxers of Phalee KertsakMudor muay thai training camp is lucky to have his couple boxers to fight by taking times only 5 days to wait at fighting in both Rachadamnern and Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand that will broadcast on channel 11 for Suek Muai Dee Withee Thai and Suek Muai Thai ChedSee. Moreover, for Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand , it will broadcast on this Sunday of 21st July in 2013 after Chun Kertphet and Sordang had made the lists of 3 boxers from 3 muay thai camps to fight in this program.

Besides, the principal of South thai boxing gym of Thaildn or KertsakMudor muay thai training camp has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam Daily or www.muaythai-thailand.com that since 17th - 24th July in 2013 , there will be another 5 boxers to fight with each other ; namely , Pomphet Arawan muay thai camp to fight in Suek One Mit Chai on this Wednesday of 17th July 2013 at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium , Arafad Arawan to fight on Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on this Saturday of 20th July 2013 at BigC Ladprao and Taladkhwag Saksamrit muay thai camp , Daradate Arawan muay thai training camp and Nueng Arawan to fight on Suek Muai Thai ChedSee on this Sunday of 21st July 2013. So there are good muay thai camps .

In addition, Banglee informed the news that "I feel glad much that my boxers in the muay thai camp will have the program to fight at Bangkok for several people. Then, it will be no longer to pay for expenditures in taking journey a lot. Besides, my boxing camp is far away from reaching to Phuket province. However, if my boxer can fight in Bangkok for one person a week , it will have to pay too much including of assistants , trainers and cheerleaders who follow him. As the result, I would like to thank you for Mit Nakorn , the principal Wuttichai Suntornnon , Sia Chun and Sor Dang Kertphet much about their supporting."

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