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"Rungphet Kertphraphat muay thai training camp "will meet"Nawapon" in Thailand of next match . @ 2013-08-06

For SuekMuai Dee Witheethai that will broadcast on channel 7 on this Saturday of 3rd August 2013 , there will be Deer Kertphet or the master couple boxer in CP Freshmart to fight with Deawfai Sitchakung muay thai training camp and Kongphuthorn N. Nophiran Camp as well as the second couple boxer or Rungkert Kertphraphat muay thai training camp facing with Nawapon Sitphuphantu muay thai camp in the first time in 130 pounds.

On this 3rd August 2013 , there will be SuekMuai Dee Witheethai broadcasted on channel 11 in Thailand ; it will setup by the teamwork of Deer Kertphet and making list of the master couple boxer of CP Freshmart between Daewfai and Kongphutorn. On the other hand, there might be other couple boxers that the teamwork have setup ; namely , Rungkert Kertphraphai muay thai training camp facing with NawaponSitphuphantu in 130 pounds , PhawaiKertwinai facing with ChomkittiLuakbanyai , PhetphratanKraophrarao facing with Sutthisak Sitchakon Camp , Yokkhao P. Leknamyim facing with Superbas K. Kamphanat Thai boxing camp and Lamphachee P. Srisukkan muay thai camp facing with Saingon S. Damnern.

"Bowee"would like to build up his name again.

Chit Salaya or the head of one boxing camp has turned back to create the famous name to his boxing camp by letting ChainoiWorawut or the son of Chatchainoi Chaoraioi muay thai training camp on this Sunday of 4th August 2013 ;Chainoi might show his great form to be favored of the muay thai fans on channel 7 on this Sunday absolutely in order to create the great name to his boxing camp again.

Besides, it was long time ago that Bowee SorkorSungai muay thai gym had been disappeared from the muay thai life ; however, on this Sunday of 4th August 2013 , promoter Deer Kertphet might let ChatchainoiWorawut to fight with his couple boxer in 114 pounds instead of him. In addition, the head of the boxing camp revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that “Now, Bowee is still here with our boxing camp , but he is still hurt. Thus, it should sympathize him much and then he might come back to fight for our boxing camp soon in SuekMuai Thai Ched See in Thailand after his body condition will be better. However, if his body condition is not 100 percent , I won’t let him to fight on the boxing stadium certainly.”

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