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"Sia Nao and Sia Bu" send many muay thai camps from Thailand to assist "Kingthong " @ 2013-08-21

Kingthong Luakphrabat is so glad that he has the big chance to setup the game as the policy of the Thai boxing stadium , so he has thanked for Sia Nao and Sia Bu to open their minds to let the boxers from many muay thai camps to join in this game much.

Moreover, the reporters still had been revealed from Kingthong Luakphrabat muay thai camp or Winai Naksin or the promoter of Kingthong at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium broadcasted on this 25th August 2013 that "I had the blood of selecting the quality of the boxers to prove their performances , and I might be grateful for the muay thai fans who always support us until now. Besides, I would like to thank for the senior promoter or Sia Nao and Sia Bu to open their minds by letting the boxers with many muay thai camps in Thailand to me for working as the big way in order to respond for the policy of the boxing stadium also."

Kingthong revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that "If there are no Sia Nao and Sia Bu , I won't be able to work in this big project , so I have to thank for them to open their mind broadly. In addition, I have invested a large amounts of money in this project without considering about the benefits to work , but I am so glad to have a good chance for letting the excellent boxers to join in this program also. Then, the muay thai fans shouldn't miss to encourage my boxers as well."

As the result, for the couple boxers to fight in this program with many muay thai camps , they consist of Phetphanomrung Kertmu 9 to face with Datenarong W. Sangphraphai Camp , Nong Beer Chokngamwong muaythai training camp to face with Rungphet W. Sangphraphai muay thai camp , Datesakda Sitsongpheenong to face with ET Portortor Thongtawee , Hongthonglek Ch. Faphlernsee to face with Phetyindee Academy , Phetmanee S. Sanyomo Camp to face with Phetthongdee Cinbee Muai Thai Yim , Sangsakda T. Morsri to face with Penneung T. Pran 49 muay thai gym , Tuakhaew Kertkhampon to face with Kriangkrai Paethongchareanyon , Toi A. Wanphen to face with Desellek S. Burraphacharn , Narongrit A. Onechird muay thai training camp to face with Naoto W. Wanchai and Sanchanchai Raioainatenakorn to face with Kaito W. Wanchai."

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