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"Thepnimit Sitmonchai muay thai camp , Thailand " is in the hot form. @ 2013-09-11

A Sitmonchai is really confident that Thepnimit Sitmonchai muay thai camp is now in the hot form and he might get revenge of Nattapon Nachiak for sure because of his well-preparing.

Moreover, for the progress of Suek Sangsawangphanphla of Sia Ting Somkert Triphattanaporn broadcasted on this Tuesday of 17th September 2013 at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium in Thailand , except for the couple boxer between Choknamchai Sitchakung muay thai training camp and Khomkert T. Manothamraksa Camp and Tingthong Ch. Khaoyuha muay thai camp and Kaewkangwarn of 5 star chicken , there will be the meeting between Thepnimit Sitmonchai and Nattapon Nachiakwittayakom to create the good interests current not less than the others.

Therefore, on the last Tuesday evening , the reporter has been revealed from A Phunsak Sriphrasert or the manager of A. Thamaka boxing camp about the readiness of Thepnimit that "There might not have any problem for fighting with Nattapon after fighting with him for 3 times and losing for once time. Then, for this time, it is pretty confident that Thepnimit might overcome Nattapon for sure. Moreover, now his encouragement is really good with his great training that should overcome Nattapon not really hard. However, it should wait for the promoter to let Thepnimit to face with whom in 118 pounds if it isn't Nattapon without any worrying because he can face with anyone in Thailand or anywhere .

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