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"Phetmorakot Sangphraphai muay thai training camp " will prove his performance in Thailand with "Seksan" @ 2013-09-15

Phetmorakot W. Sangphraphai muay thai training camp has his good chance to face with Seksan A. Hwan Mueng on this October 2013 ; the commander Wichai Sangphraphai has coordinated with the commander Chakthip Chaichinda for earning money to the Alumini of Phathumkhongkha. Then, Phetmorakot should show his good form to face with Phetphanomrung Kertmu 9 muay thai camp in Suek Phetwisate on this Wednesday of 4th September 2013 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium in the great way also.

Besides, now Phetmorakot W. Sangphraphai muay thai training camp is becoming to be the well-known boxer in Thailand because he has taken not much time to be the famous star and the master couple boxer with his good shape and hot form overcoming the senior boxers in several fights. For example, he could knock Yokwittaya Semuen muay thai camp by his knees followed by overcoming Palangthip N. Sripheng on the fourth round. Thus, for this program , he will face with Phetphanomrung Kertmu 9 muay thai camp on this Wednesday of 14th September 2013 for Suek millionaire Phetwisate prior to face with Saksan A. Khwan Mueng on this 4th October 2013 as the big match of Phetyindee program by the guaranteeing of NongBoat that he has his good chance to fight in several matches now.

As the result, NongBoat said that "I am glad that Phetmorakot can be the faithful boxer which everyone have faith in. Then, on the next fight , he might face with Seksan A. Hwang Mueng in the charity muay thai program of the commander Chakthip Chaichinda by having the commander Wichai Sangphraphai to be the coordinator. Thus, he should overcome Phetphanomrung on this 4th September prior to be the winner by facing with Saksan on the next match.

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