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"Phetsuriya Luaktraikongdin Camp , Thailand " would like to show on the next muay thai program. @ 2013-09-21

Phet Suriya Luaktraikongdin Camp from Thailand or one of all heirs in Yuhanngao family is ready and confident that he can overcome his couple boxer for sure by facing with Muhammad Hamsey or the Iranian boxer in 4th Suek Muai Yak Talom Loak Sanfan Yaowachonthai to World Champion showing on this Tuesday of 24th September 2013 at 13 Coins Thai boxing stadium at Phraram 9 broadcasted though Siam Sport Live TV on True Vision channel 97.

Phetsuriya said that "It might be new chance again for me to receive the good chance from Promoter Narit Singwangcha to face with Muhamad Hamsy or the Middlle East boxer in Suek Muai Yak Talom Lovak setup by Narit Boxing Promotion company broadcasted on this 24th September 2013 at 13 Coins Phraram 9"

Moreover, lately Phetsuriya revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that "For this fight , I have good attention to fight much and now I have passed the fight for over 50 fights with my good readiness to fight. Then, for fighting with Muhammad Hamsey , I am certain that I might overcome him easily and I would like to best regard for Muhammad Hamsey that he can't face with me with careless in order to be the loser certainly."

"Sangwangchai" might gain the muay thai champion of Madang.

Teacher Chirawan is really certain that Sangwangchai J.S.P. won't make the disappointment to us in order to grasp the champion of 12nd Madang muay thai tournament from Harnseuklek Sitchakung because he had won this couple boxer in the first round also. Then, he will fight with this couple boxer on this Saturday of 21st September 2013 at Siam Om Noi Thai boxing stadium.

Moreover, for the final round of 12nd Madang it will broadcast on channel 3 at Om Noi on this Saturday of 21st September 2013 for sure between J.S.P and Harnsueklek Sitchakung. However, J.S.P. had won Harnsueklek Sitchakung in the first round and now, J.S.P. and Harnsueklek had joined to fight with each other to grasp the champion. While Teacher Chirawan or the head of Sangwangchai boxing camp is really confident much that his boxer should be the champion after winning Harnsueklek in the first round which would be the same as this final round because of his better performance after he trained at Suwit muay thai in last 5 months ago for this muay thai tournament .

Wee or the head of this boxing camp said that "J.S.P. had won Harnsueklek , so this match should be the same and now Sangwangchai or J.S.P. has trained himself well without afraid of Harnsueklek. Thus, on 12nd Madang muay thai tournament , J.S.P or Sangwangchai might be the champion for sure."

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