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Promoted "Bank" if becomes to be the excellent muay thai boxer in Thailand . @ 2013-10-01

The commander Paween Phengphinit has given a hand to support Superbank ; finally, if he becomes to be a successful boxer in Thailand , the institute might give the prize for him if he becomes to be the excellent boxer of institute including of celebrating and promoting him as the soldier of the field also.

Therefore, now Superbank of Rattanabundit university is in the top form and he can show his good performance to grasp the champion in several programs ; on this 27th September 2013 , he might face with Seksan A. Khwanmeung muay thai camp in Suek S. Sommai at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium.

The Surgeant Nan or the father of Superbank revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam and Suwit muay thai that"For this fight, I will train my child to fight with Seksan or the severe one fully. Then, Superbank and I should thank for the commander to give kindness to us. Furthermore, the colonel Paween has confirmed to us for making the good form in this program. Then, if he is successful in this game , he will give him any prize including to celebrate and promote him as the solider in the field also.

Moreover, The Surgeant Nan said additionally that "the commander Praween love the boxing with his soul. Thus, if he has his free time to fight on this 27th September 2013 , he might have his good chance to cheer up this couple boxer for sure. Therefore, now Superbank has his good body condition to fight with the supporting of the colonel Prachak Matnoke and the Sergeant Aat Ratchada to take care of this game. As the result, on this Wednesday , Superbank should be the winner of the match only".

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