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Birthday of "Mr.Boat" aroused the muay thai fans and camps in Thailnd to watch. @ 2013-10-06

There will be the setup for birthday celebration of the promoter Mr.Boat or 26- years old by gathering all Phetwisate boxers for proving their performances which are all the amusing ones.

Therefore, the reporters revealed from Boat or the heir of Sia Nao about the progress of Suek Phetwisate that "I have taken care of all boxers on this 10th October 2013 and there are all boxers from many good muay thai camps to made the lists and this case is the special one by making all of Wisate boxers to join on the program in order to celebrate for the promoter Boat or 26- years old boxer. Then, there will be Satanmeunglek P. Satanmeung Camp facing with Onechai Ramboesarn muay thai training camp , Sam Dee Phetyindee academy facing with Dokmaidang J.S.P. Camp , Shopper K. Saphaothong muay thai camp facing with Rungnarai Kertmu 9 camp , Tukatathong Sorchor Toi Padraew facing with Newluakrak Pakornpornsurin , Yokthong Phinsinchai facing with Banlangngen Phetmahaphorm , Chaiyo Phetyindee academy facing with Weerachat Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu , Yodwicha S. Suradate facing with Phetdoanthai Bophlabunchu , Jack Nonadangyim facing with Kamphanart T. Pran 49 , Supernew Nondangyim facing with Yodsuwit S. Suradate. Then there are from many camps ."

Then, for last Wednesday afternoon , Boat revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that "It is the special match that I setup to give the happiness to the boxing fans by selecting the special ones , such as Satanmuenglek and Onechai or Tukatathong and Newluakrak and Chaiyo and Weerachat. Besides, although they have met each other before , I focus on the suitable weight in order to fight with funniness on the whole program."

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