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Don't lose the name of "OneThongChai" in muay thai progarm. @ 2013-10-16

"BigSong" gave his speech to every boxers including with the different boxers to fight in different program at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium of Sia Bu Muengphet ; moreover, on this Tuesday, everyone should prove their performances without losing the name of boxing camps in order to fight for the big match.

For Suek Millionaire of Phetsuphaphan on this Tuesday of 22th October 2013 at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium , Sia Bu or Phradit Saritaphirak has brought the excellent with expensive wage boxers from Suek OneThongChai and Suek Phetyindee to prove their performances with the boxers in Suek Phetsuphaphan with the supporting of BigSong or Thongchai Rattanasuban and many muay thai camps from Thailand . Then, Thongchai announced on air radio and confirmed to the teamwork of the muay thai camps including of the head of Thai boxing camps and the boxers to try their best and fight with funniness to be impressive by the muay thai fans and the executive of Thai boxing stadium. In addition, they shouldn't make the boxing camps to lose the good name in order not to make Sia Bu to be disappointed."

For Suek Sia Bu on this Tuesday , there will be the excellent boxers of Suek OneThongChai to fight on this program , such as Pakorn P.K. Sanchai Muaithai Gym , Superbank of Rattanabandit muay thai camp , Thanonchai T. Sangthiannoi muay thai camp , Singthongnoi PorTelakul muay thai camp , Uaisiaophor Sucheebameekaew muaythai training camp , Witsanuporn Sucheebameekaew , Lamnammoon Sakchaichote , Taksinlek Sitphrakaifah and Sangmanee S. Thianpho.

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