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"Bank" would like to grasp all prizes in every muay thai programs in Thailand . @ 2014-01-01

Superbank of Rattanabundit university is really glad much that recently he can defeat the master couple boxer or the age as Sam A of 5 stars chicken as well as Sangmanee S. Thianpho muay thai camp with the good news of his father to quit of drinking also. However, the great goal is depending on his grasping for the highest honor by being the champion of all programs in Thailand .

Then, According to the faith for Superbank of Rattanabundit university or the good performance boxer that can protect his champion in 126 pounds by defeating Sam A of 5 star chicken or the senior boxer with excitement on Suek 57 years of Lumphinee birthday , the reporters have been revealed from the excellent boxer of Suek Thong Chai or the hot form of the age named Superbank that "I have been glad much that on the latest 2 fights for me I can defeat the excellent boxers , such as Sam A of 5 stars chicken and Sangmanee S. Thianpho muay thai camp beautifully to have my name in the list of Outstanding boxer of Korkortor. On the other hand, my goal is not in only this way , but I should move forward to grasp the champion in every programs by trying my best."

Superbank revealed that "I am so glad that I have my name in the list of outstanding boxer of Korkortor because of my great form to win most of the programs, except for losing in 1-2 times only. Then, my previous form is so impressive and significantly now my father can quit from drinking. Thus, I would like to be grateful to him by grasping all the champions in every programs and maintain my good form foreover. Then, On the next match , it is depending on the promoter and Sam A to get revenge of me or not with my pleasure to fight with him , except for the weight that is based on the suitability of us only."

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