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"Aek" is mad for his boxer to leave from the muay thai camp. @ 2014-01-21

Leang A. Kunthorn revealed that "In the past , Aek Bangtrai or the big boss of Aekbangtrai muay thai camp weren't satisfied about the behavior of Phetmuengchon S. Thatsat muay thai camp or the boxer in his boxing camp much after he had left from the boxing camp without saying anything and without coming back to the boxing camp. Then, It made the big boss of Aekbangtrai boxing camp or the teacher Kuntorn commanded Phetmuengchon to get rest without the schedule to fight for the boxing camp again."

Moreover, Leang A. Kuntorn or the teamwork of A. Kuntorn Aekbangtrai boxing camp revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that "In the past , Phetmuengchon S. Thatsart or the famous boxer of the boxing camp has lost to Olay Sitniwat on last 24th October 2013 , he has left from the boxing camp without coming back. Then, It made me not satisfied to his behavior , so I commanded to let him get rest without the schedule to fight again for the boxing camp. In addition, In this time Phetmuengchon has left from our boxing camp so long without coming back which making me mad with him. Thus, He can't come back to fight for our boxing camp , except to have a good chance to talk with each other again."

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