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Send "Desellek Ouddongmeung muay thai training camp" stop elegance of "Yetkin" @ 2014-03-22

Ouddonmeung revealed that Yetkin Oscul is one of excellent boxers ; however, in the last match he won Pornsanae Sitmonchai due to his advantage of weight for 8-9 kg. However, he would like to send Desellek Ouddongmeung muay thai training camp to defeat the fresh form of Yetkin for fighting with excitement absolutely.

In the past,Yetkin Oscul or the beloved French boxer has fought with the popular stars or Sanchai P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim , Chomthong Chuwattana muay thai camp and Rungrawee Sasiphraphayim already. Besides, on last Saturday of 8th March 2014 , he has knocked Pornsanae Sitmonchai in the third round for Suek Muai Thai attacking Europian boxer in Paris.

Later, the reporter has been revealed from Oud Donmueng or the head of well-known boxer who has just watched the performance of this excellent boxer in the full way. Then, he accepted that Yetin is one of the excellent boxers to use Thai strategy effectively and it is such a hard task to win him. Thus, he would like to send Desellek to fight with him because he believes that Yetkin has won Sanchai due to his advantage of weight also. However, now Desellek is fitted to fight with Yetkin in 64-67 kg.

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