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Broadcast through channel 9 of Thailand for Suek Phantainorasing. @ 2014-04-01

Narong Wat Buamat or the promoter Narong Wat Promotion revealed that Pantainorasing foundation has setup the boxing program to protect the World champion of WBC ASIA by attacking with the Number 1 of Thai boxing boxers in Super fighter weight in 130 pounds. Then, there will be the Champion Thai boxer to protect his champion with Rey Las Pinas or the second Pilipino champion for Suek Pantainorasing foundation world champion boxing program which is supported by tourism and against addicted drug office of Samutsakorn province. Moreover, this program will broadcast on this Thursday of 27th March 2014 at temporary boxing stadium in front of Pantainorasing shrine through channel 9 since 4-6 p.m.

This program has been honored by Assistant Professor Phokin Palakul or the former consultant of prime minister Yingluck Chinnawat and acting lieutenant Artid Bunyasophat or the governor of Samutsakorn province to be the honor consultant president as well as the second deputy governor of interior ministry or Mr Prakat Bunyindee to be the president for setting the program following by Mr. Dian Yeethong or the honor consultant , the Police General Commander Phunthrab Prasertsak or the vice commander of local 7 to be the president to setup the program , Mr. Udom Kanmuang or the president of subdistrict headman of Samutsakorn province to be the president of setting up the program and Mr. Preecha Sirisangamramphee or the committee of Pantainorasing foundation to be the manager director of this program.

Beside the excellent couple boxer to protect their champion , there will be the historic female Thai champion or Samsan Sitsaman T. Buamat to fight in Mexico for grasp the world champion on this 15th March 2014. However, her couple boxer has been injured from practicing , so it should postpone this program to fight later. Then, Samsan might join in this program with Sangmaee S. Kullawong from Loas also and there might be the former champion of WMC WBO ASIA in 118 pounds or Tiger Saksitalloy facing with Srisomdet from Loas to fight in this program as well as the male to grasp the international world champion program in 115 pounds between Chatphet T. Buamat facing with Kaefah Suanpalmfarmnok from Laos and Laithai T. Buamat facing with Phetrungriang of Keela Chalermphrakert center as well.

In addition , there will be other Thai boxers to join in this program ; namely, the first couple boxer or Nopphinai Winaihardway facing with the champion of Keelathongpleng as well as the special couple boxer or the second one or Laklan T. Buamat facing with Kamlaiyoknoi Luakkamlaiyok following by the third couple boxer or Dodo Singmanatsak facing with Rainbow Sorkor Sukhaiyim , the fourth couple boxer or Chanto T. Buamat facing with Nicky Nikoras from America in 62 kg. , the fifth couple boxer or Masa T. Buamat or the Thai champion boxer facing with Carrey Sitmonchai in 65 kg , the sixth couple boxer or Daewrungriang Sitkrusang facing with Thanwa Luaksuan in 56 kg. , the seventh couple boxer or the master one or Phaophao of Bangmod Keela center facing with Kwannakorn K. Romsrithong in 58 kg. by broadcasting through Narongwat Promotion company limited. This program might make the statement formally on this Thursday of 13rd March 2014 at Phantainorasing shrine at Samutsakorn since 1.30 p.m.

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