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Never be afraid of the excellent one. @ 2014-04-21

Teeteedet 99 confirmed that he is never afraid of the excellent competitors , except for increasing weight. Thus, it should best regard for the teamwork to take care of this subject before he can't stand on this behavior as well.

Teeteedet 99 or the big boss of Teedet 99 revealed to the reporter of Muai Siam that all the times he is never afraid of the good competitors ,except for increasing weight that he can't make the list as his proposing. Thus, the teamwork should take care of this subject before he can’t stand on this behavior also.

Teeteedet 99 said that he tried not caring for the blaming of himself by somebody due to his knowing of himself well ; however, he can't stand on this taking advantage behavior indeed. Thus, in the next time he might propose 3 levels of weight for him to choose. Then, he hopes anyone perform with this rule.

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