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"Dang" suspected the game due to his losing of the son. @ 2014-05-11

Dang Banpho accepted that he is down hearted until he would like to quit for making the list of boxing after his beloved boxer as Chatchainoi Sitbenchama has lost to Banchaisukothai. Besides, he would like the executive of Muai Siam Om Noi has taken care of his work for the teamwork prior everything might get worse than this way.

Although this situation has passed by for many days, Dang Banpho or the famous big boss of the boxing camp or the father of the former champion or Chatchainoi Sitbenchama said that he feel down hearted much after the referees of Siam Om Noi judged unfairly to his son. Moreover, there are several times that Chatchainoi has lost the game due to the unfair judge of the referees. Lately , he just lost the game to Bandan Chaisukothai , so Dang Banpho or his father would like to quit from making the list of boxer. Besides, he feel bored to set the program and ask for the executive to manage this subject too. Thus, the executive should take care of this subject instantly prior every game might be in the wrong way.

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