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It gets the couple boxers for Semi Final of TGN Channel. @ 2014-05-21

For 5th Muai Thai Insurance broadcasted on TGN channel at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium , there will be 4 boxers who pass into the Semi Final round already ; namely, Knotmai A. Nittayaporn facing with Phetdam Ph. Phirunrottu and Phettree S. Riangchai facing with Sanrak Kaewpimkarnchang to find the winner in order to pass into the Final round later.

Moreover, After Sanrak Kaewpimkarnchang has won the game because Phetngam Chareonkaserm has removed from the match , it affected Sanrak to pass into the Semi Final round as the second rank of line B following by Knotmai A. Nittayaporn or the first rank of line B. Although Sanrak can show his great form to overcome Ratchanon Sitphao on last Saturday of 26th April 2014, it didn’t affect to him due to the fight outside the program. Thus, this way resulted in 4 actual couple boxers to fight in 5th Thai Insurance Program ; namely, Line A or Phettree S. Riangchai or the first of the line and Phetdam Ph. Phirunrottu or the second of the line as well as the first rank of line A or Phetthree S. Riangchai to face with Sanrak Keawphimkarnchang or the first rank of line B and the first rank of line B or Knotmai A. Nittayaporn to face with the second of line A or Phetdam Ph. Phirunrottu. Finally, for the date to fight , it should wait for the executives of Lumphinee to regulate again.

Korean fighter

A Korean born Muay Thai fighter Jun Lee fights for more than just pride or a win when he jumps in a ring in Brisbane. He fights for the title of the first Korean Australian Muya Thai legend.
Based on his career in an oriental martial art 'hapkido' and kick boxing, he strives to be an iconic fighter in Australia like his trainer and life mentor John Wayne Parr .
Since his arrival in Australia, he has had a serious leg injury when he did not even have a health insurance but overcome due to his mentor and colleagues' generosity.

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