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There is a little problem for the weight of "Phonluang Sitbunmee Muay Thai training camp" to clear the trouble. @ 2014-05-31

SiaBu Muengphet accepted that this time Palae Kertthongrit seems disagree for the teamwork after determining the weight for Phonluang in order to face with Phanphayak in 125 pounds. Then, he would like to negotiate and clear this problem as well as managing the program.

SiaBu revealed that he or the promoter of Suek Phetsuphaphan of Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium might setup the big program on this 27th May 2014 at Lumphinee Ramintra in order to bring Phonluang Sitbunmee Muay Thai training camp to face with Phanphayak. However, Palae or one of the teamwork isn't satisfied in fighting for 125 pounds , so he has to talk with Palae first by taking a little time to talk. As the result, it should clear this problem and talk with Palae prior to set up the program.

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