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Chalongchai should be proud of his first Muay Thai belt. @ 2014-06-20

Nin Donmueng is so proud that his beloved disciple or Chalongchai Kertchareonchai Muay Thai camp has restored his body condition to be better than the past for many times. Therefore, he has his right to grasp the champion in 118 pounds with the old boxer or SiaKim Sit Sortor Taew who had taken turn to lose and win the game for once time. Besides, he promised to grasp the champion belt for the Muay Thai training camp as well as fighting with his full competence surely.

After SiaChun Kertphet has brought SiaKim Sit Sortor Taew to protect champion in 118 pounds at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium with Chalongchai Kertchareonchai Muay Thai camp in Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai or the big match on Friday of 6th June 2014 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium, lately Nin Donmeung has revealed to the teamwork that he would like to thank for SiaChun who opens the chance for his boxer to grasp the champion too. Moreover, his boxer has dreamed to grasp the champion belt of Kertchareonchai Muay Thai training camp at Satoon province. Thus, his boxer has practiced so hard continuously to show his good performance for the Muay Thai fans also.

Nin Donmeung said that for this time Chalongchai should prepare himself well to fight fully in order to grasp the champion belt. Moreover, he shouldn’t be careless due to the disadvantage of shape. On the other hand, this couple boxer had taken turn to be the winner and loser for once time , so this time they might not make disappointment to the Muay Thai fans absolutely.

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