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Set the goal to train "Khaimookandaman 2". @ 2014-07-30

Kaimookandaman or Olay Kertoneway is preparing to spread out the strategy to his disciple or Olaylek Phetsemeun to be 100,000 baht boxer and this time , there is Wittaya Phetsemuen or Chai Thongsong to be supported of him. Then, in the future Olaylek Phetsemeun might become the star boxer of course , so the Muay Thai fans should cheer him up also.

In addition, there is the well-known one of Phetsumeun Thai boxing camp ; namely, Paranchai or Singchalarm or the latest Champion of Ched See boxing program including of 100,000 baht couple boxers or Yokwittay , Kangkhanlek , Ploywitaya , Morakot , Yod Iiad , Kwandome Kertwisut. Lately, there will be Khaimookandaman 2 or Olaylek Phetsemeun to imitate of Olay Kertonewayin as being the famous star in the future.

Chai Thongsong said that after training many boxers in his boxing camp , now the teamwork of Phetsemeun or Paranchai has prepared to push up Olaylek Phetsemeun to be another famous one. Besides, lately there is Olay Kertoneway to train him about tactics , so it is confident that soon Olaylek might be the famous one of course. Therefore, on this 24th July 2014 he might overcome Phetwinit S. Kittichai prior to get revenge of 2 couple boxers for Ploywittaya and Phetlamsin Sorkor Sungaiyim further. As the result, the Muay Thai fans should cheer up him too.

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