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"A little" sakchai exuberant @ 2014-08-29

I really don't let go on stage. "Bang Yan" Yongyuth m Yu den guarantee sakchai little m Yu den with came to get in the ring of blood through the prepared well body strength with broken diamond Chiang Nonthaburi sun 10 Aug. The channel 7 color fight this and sompol father of artists. "baov" honor to take favorable to bad in actually not on stage.

The little m Yu den star sakchai distant future boxing fans expected to step into the boxing ring but the form that is responsible for cerebral arteriosclerosis boxing in school under the last but that move that the city had time to prepare for the working hard at the camp. F. A. group with rich hall F. A. group of fitness training. Have lost fewer species does performance support which is queue to up make a name again that two 7 color. By dealing with this. "Bang Yan" Yongyuth m Yu den chief of out open heart ready to get famous old night because will overflow.

"The 1980s this river. Father sompol bulge of artists take the favorable myself so I really couldn't let daddy as team leader M-Yu-den group up take favorable yet important children attention about office practice type that the team confident thank you brother Tong Hall Take care of the child, I am sure, time of sakchai less already this year through the "bang Yan carry it.

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