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Wonder because "Rungrat" has lost the game. @ 2014-11-07

Thakoon Phongsupha is really wondering about the judge of the committees after let Rungrat Sasiphraphayim to be the loser to Phetthaweesak Kertchareonchai although he used to show his good strategy all the time , except for failing the Thai boxing stadium as the last round. However, this mistake isn't the action from the couple boxer , so it should let them get revenge again to recover the wondering.

It has lost the feeling much for the teamwork of Rungrat Sasiphraphayim after Rungrat has lost the game for Phettaweesak Kertchareonchai in Suek Muai Thai T Sports of Chit Mueng Non Thai boxing stadium on last Sunday of 12nd October 2014 although he has more advantages for the first three rounds. However, Phetthaweesak has speed up in the fourth round by jumping until failing of the Thai boxing stadium ,which resulted in the winning of Phetthaweesak without the clear judge in 2-1 opinion.

The big boss of Sasiphraphayim or Thakoon Phongsupha said that the teamwork and he are wondering about the judge of the referees much because if says to the showing of strategy to close the match , Rungrat can make in the better way clearly. However, because he failed of the Thai boxing stadium without being knocked by his couple boxer , the judge made the decision that he is the loser without fairness. Then, Chun should let this couple boxer to face with each other again because of the wondering.

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