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"Thanonchai" called for "Bank and Taksinlek" @ 2014-11-17

For Thanonchai T. Santhiannoi, now he will fight with his same couple boxer for the third times ; however, he is confident that he might defeat Sangmanee as usual with his best body condition and mind of all in Suek One Thong Chai. Then, he might fight on this Monday of 10th November 2014 , and if he win this match , he might pass into the next round to face with Superbank or Taksinlek with his readiness certainly.

At current time, the same couple boxer might face with each other again in Suek One Thong Chai on this Monday of 10th November 2014 at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium. Then, the popular promoter or Thongchai Rattanasuban might make the list of Sangmanee S. Thianpho to get revenge of Thanonchai T. Sangthiannoi again in the third time. On the contrary, for the last match of both of them, Sangmanee has lost the game with wonder to the teamwork. Similarly, Thanonchai is ready to meet him again with his confidence about his better body condition than his last 2 matches. And, he said that he might overcome Sangmanee as the third time surely in order to face with Superbank of Rattanabandit university or Taksinlek Kertniwat in the next match. Furthermore, now he is confident in his form and sure about his practicing to win as his third time because of his knowing of strategy on the last 2 matches with no pressure. Later, he would like to fight with Superbank or Taksinlek.

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