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The Bone of "Siurach" is broken to get rest in a long time. @ 2014-11-27

Surachai Sitnayoksanya has trained in wrong way until his knee has been attacked; after x-rays it was found that his bone is broken. Then, the physician recommended to get rest for at least 45 days. Then, Otea Charumeung has apologized for the Muay Thai fans in Suek Charumeung on this 20th November to be adjusted this match in the new way ; however, he has guaranteed for the other intensive matches to fight in this program also.

Originally, the master couple boxer of Suek Charumeung or Surachai might fight on this 20th November 2014 with Superball Tee Muenglei ; however, the reporters have informed that Surachai isn’t ready to fight and quitted from this match due to his accident on knees to stay at the hospital. In addition, after x-ray it showed that his bone is broken to get rest at least 1 month and a half by wearing splint first and get rest at Burerum province.

Otea Charumeung has revealed his mind to the reporter that it was the accident that everyone wouldn't like to be happen. Besides, he has apologized to the Muay Thai fans for the rescheduling of this program. However , he believes that it won't make disappointment to everyone, who might come to send encouragement to the boxers.

In addition, there will be the rescheduling as this details : the master couple boxer or Denphanom of Keelakorat school facing with Phetmai Luakbunmee following by Rittikrai Kaewsamrit facing with Choktawee Tee det 99 , Phettaksin S. Sommai facing with Seecha Kertbanchong , Chaising Cheachiangmaikaikrata facing with Pornchainoi Tee det 99 and others.

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