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"The Lawyer Toi" has made the list of the interesting one on TGN Channel. @ 2014-12-17

The lawyer Toi or Sombun Niruttimethee has his queue to make the list of couple boxers in Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee broadcasted on TGN channel and channel 8 on this Saturday of 6th December 2014 at Lumphinee boxing stadium. Besides, this program will have the master amusing couple boxers , who has showed good performance in the last match between Iyara Sitchetim to face with Thepsirin Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu in 125 pounds.

For Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee on this Saturday Evening , there will be the new program with the same couple boxer to fight on this game , and for this Saturday it will be the duty of Lawyer Toi or Sombun Niruttimethee to make the list of couple boxers including of the master couple boxer or Iyara Sitchetim to fight with Thepnarin Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu in 125 pounds.

The lawyer Toi revealed that on this Saturday there will be his duty , so he would like to invite the Muay Thai fans to give encouragement much as well as my trying the best to make the good list of amusing couple boxers to fight funnily in this program.

For the second couple boxers from Suek Phetsuphaphan , there will be Lotus Phetrungriang to bargain weight for Chomyut of Keela Korat school as well as the first couple boxer or Rambo Luaksrakaew to face with Phalangphong Kertponthip and Saifahlab Sitkruthai to face with Prabsuek Sitkrusang following by CTH couple boxers consisting of the master couple boxers or Panyawut Kertchareonchai to face with Namtaongen S. Bunyiam , Nateethong S. Hengchareon to face with Panrit S. Rungchareonkit and Sangrob Sitnatanan to face with Phetnamneung S. Thanaphet.

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