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"Nao" has sent the excellent ones to farewell New Year’s Eve. @ 2015-01-06

Sia Nao has said good bye for New Year Eve and welcomed for the new year day by making the list of amusing ones ; namely, the master couple or Date Sakda Sitsongpheenong to fight with Bangpleenoi 96 Pheenang , which is not be able prediction about the winner.

For the couple boxers , Sia Nao or Wirat Wachirarattanawong will present them on this Friday of 26th December 2014 consisting of the master couple boxer or Bangpleenoi 96 to fight with Datesakda Sitsongpheenong in 114 pounds following by Phanphayak Khokchangai to face with Phet J L Suit , Salaton Toyota Rayong to face with Yodkitti T. Paopiamthrab , Sanson Arawan to face with Thongnoi Luakbanyai , Phetsakda Phetchareonyim to face with Prabatsawin S. Wisatekit and Sangfah Ch. Wasn to face with Samaek Sitsopha.

For Sia Nao, he has said about these couple boxers that they will fight in the great program to farewell of the New Year Eve to welcome of the New Year day. Besides, all of the couple boxers have been selected well , so it should cheer up for all of them, especially for the master couple boxer or Bangpleenoi or the good performance one and Datesakda or the strong one. Then, it is unable to predict whether who gonna be the winner with the ticker price for 250 baht per each person.

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