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"Rotlek" has aimed for Bonus to grasp the champion from channel 7. @ 2015-01-19

Chun Kertphet has prepared to give bonus for Rotlek Chaotalaythong , who has showed the good form all the times by letting him to grasp champion of channel 7. Similarly, Kanit Khumprom has thanked for promoter Chun and Sordang to support in the good way all the times.

Last Monday afternoon, the reporters had been revealed from the famous head from Samui Island that his beloved boxer or Rotlek Chaotalaythong has won Krangphreenoi Phitakphaphadang on channel 7. Thus, he is really glad on Rotlek work to be the winner for every match including of his nearly graduation from Master Degree also. Besides, Kanit Krumprom has thanked for Chun Kertphet and Sor Dang , who give the kindness to his Muay Thai training camp since now.

The famous head of Samui Island said at the end that he would like to thank you for the kindness to the small Muay Thai training camp from Samui Island as behalf of Talaythongboxing teamwork that has the commander Samat Thammaphan police protector of Panom district and him to take charge of. Then, he might not forget for the favour of Chun and Sordang. In addition, yesterday Chun has told him that if Rotlek has showed the good form , he might have a good chance to grasp for champion , which made me so glad. Similarly, it is up to the considering of Chun with his boxer and him to work as the best way without making anyone to be disappointed for sure.

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