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Urge "Sriutai" to fight with his long ques. @ 2015-02-08

Berm Phudin or one of the teamwork of Suek Thai Lumphinee has satisfied in the form of the new star from Utaithanee province or Sriutai Sorchor Piaekutai , who has showed the beautiful form and good strategy to overcome TKO or Kaiyasit Kertchareonchai nicely until favoring all of the Muay Thai fans. Then, with his beautiful form he might be supported to become the well-known one in this boxing route further. Besides, it has the question for him whether to fight with whom in the next match.

After Sriutai Sorchor Piaekutai has showed the good form as being the first one to fight with Kaiyasit Kertchareonchai in Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee broadcasted on TGN on channel 8 with not making disappointment to the Muay Thai fans , now he has been accepted from all Muay Thai fans in the boxing stadium and on television. Moreover, he is the new one with good performance of Sorchor Pieak Utai Muay Thai camp after showing the good form to overcome Kaiyasit beautifully on the last match.

Then, Berm Phudin or the teamwork of Suek Thai Lumphinee said about the form of Sriutai that at this moment he is the new one with good form after showing the good performance to the Muay Thai fans on TGN of channel 8 throughout the country in Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee . Since now, he can take a rest on the Muay Thai camp for a few days prior to come back for practice himself to fight in the next match. Besides, he might find the new programs for Sriutai continuously to create the good and high class boxer in the future. Then, in the next match it should predict about Sriutai to fight with whom including to watch his program with guaranteeing that he might be the good future one surely.

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