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Catch eyes on "Duang" to win "Lamnammoonlek" @ 2015-02-18

Duang Sakchaichot or the head of excellent Muay Thai camp , who supports Superbank of Rattanabundit university since he was a child until he can make the good statistic by winning all matches prior to fight in Olympic game further. Now, he has prepared to support the new one named Lamnammoonlek Sakchaichot as another one to be the champion as well.

After Duang has supported Superbank of Rattanabundit university to be the hot one until grasping all excellent boxer prize , now this year he might supported the new good performance one or Lamnammoonlek Sakchaichot as another boxer to be the champion also. Besides at the same age for both of them , Lamnammoon has showed his better form than Superbank with his high IQ , except for increasing more experiences to him for being the excellent one in this year. Moreover, now Eid or Nimnuan Wongkrasan has taken care of his food as well as Meanburi ,Maprao and Tharathipresort to take care of him.

Duang Sakchaichot said that for this year it should catch eyes on Lamnammoon to win Chuponglek Orbortor Kampee with his several score after he has won Roichiang Chonnatawee and Yodsanchiang Chanaidongmueng in last year. Then, in this year he would like to win in beautiful way for 2 matches by be made the list to fight with Phichitchai P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim. Whilst, Prachanchai might fight with another couple boxer without afraid of having no one to fight. Furthermore, supporting Lamnammoon is the easy task because of his good IQ as same as Suerpbank with the supporters , such as Eid , Tor , Tu , Maprao , Fai and Tharathip to aid Lamnammoon to reach the goal.

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