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It should watch "Takulyang" because of the funniness. @ 2015-04-17

Sia Yang or Surapon Narathreekul has emphasized to the expert Muay Thai fans in Thailand to buy the ticket for watching Kamphangmeungchen or Daradate T. Thepmaneechai to fight with Khikkak P. Paoin as another highlight couple boxer of Suek Khunsuekthrakulyang broadcasted on this 20th March 2015. Thus, whoever likes any one can cheer up him to predict the winner.

On this Friday, Sia Yang Kolok or Surapon Narathreekul or the promoter has setup Khunsuek Trakulyang program by making the lists of couple boxer in both Suek One Thong Chai, Suek S. Sommai and Suek Bangrachan to prove for the performance of the new star boxers.

Then, on this program Sia Yang told that it should watch of the couple boxer between Daradate T. Thepmaneechai to fight with P. Paoin on this 20nd March 2015 with quaranteeing to fight with funniness as another highlight couple boxer of Khunsuektrakulyang. Therefore, this match might be the amusing one apart from the master couple boxer that always knock with each other ,and this game might have the good current from the Muay Thai fans in Thailand surely.

For this program of Sia Yang and the teamowork, there will be the master couple boxer or Kumarnkoi S. Chitphakdee to fight with Nichao Suwityim following by the second couple boxer or Yodphakorn S. Kingrat to fight with Lamnamphong S. Sommai , Phetngenthong Phongchamnian to fight with Phetsaifah Sorchor Wichitpadreaw , Daradate T. Thepmaneechai to fight with Kikkak P. Paoin , the commander Chusakthongsiri to fight with Phetchombueng of Chombueng Village and Phetthewada BSI Sungnern to face with Phetthae N. Phitakchai.

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